December 15, 2023

Yves Construction Update

🚧 Progress at Yves: Crafting Your Luxurious Mermaid Beach Residence

🌟 We’re excited to share the latest construction milestones at Yves:

🏗️ Level 2 Transformation: Precast installation has begun, and the level 2 suspended slabs and ramps are now complete.

🛠️ Level 3 Progress: Formwork is 50% done.

🌇 Skyward Journey: Our jump form has reached Level 6, ascending towards the Gold Coast skyline.

🔧 Infrastructure Advancements: Sewer mains are now connected, and the substation culvert is set for Energex works.

The future at Yves is taking shape, and we’re grateful that we can bring you along every step of this journey. Stay tuned for more updates as we build not just apartments, but a community!