Since 2014, Hirsch & Faigen has made its mark across iconic Australian brands and properties, with every success built upon the core principles of our business.

Locally Operated

With a long Australian heritage and a base of local operations, our people apply on-the ground knowledge to create developments of meaningful value. To date, our insights and dedication have seen us deliver boutique residential and commercial properties of an exceptionally high standard in coveted locations across Melbourne and the Gold Coast. We work in active partnership with communities to create places that will be a natural and lasting part of the landscape.

Family Run and Owned

Hirsch & Faigen exists to provide entrepreneurs and leaders with unique spaces to help them flourish and enjoy the fruits of their success. Their philosophy of hard work and dedication to excellence has established the brand as an industry leader who is unsurpassed in their commitment to design, sustainability, usability, community benefit and standard of delivery. Uncompromising in their approach, Hirsch & Faigen is a developer of the highest standards, dedicated to creating timeless buildings that improve the lives and wellbeing of all that interact within them.

Quality Assurance

The name Hirsch & Faigen on any project is a mark of integrity. We only develop projects of the highest quality, and as we retain stock within those projects, we ensure their value remains for years to come. We are proud to build upon our family’s legacy of promises kept and quality delivered with every new undertaking.

Strong Relationships

By forging strong working relationships, we can ensure more significant results. We work in active collaboration with consultants at every stage of development to enhance financial, design and construction outcomes. With a foundation of partnerships, we’re able to broker more cost-effective deals, improve efficiencies, provide better support and deliver projects on time. Working together means being able to able to find shared opportunities and enjoy shared successes.

Personally Invested

Hirsch & Faigen invests in its projects directly. With no need to rely on third-party finance to deliver and complete projects, buyers and stakeholders have confidence that each project will be a success from day one. Our commitment to the finance of a project is reflected by our commitment to partners, communities, and end-users.

Proven Track Record

When the Hirsch family partnered with family office executive, property lawyer and developer Daniel Faigen, Hirsch & Faigen was born. Since that time, the business has moved swiftly across the Australian property landscape to deliver several significant residential and commercial projects, with several more projects currently in the pipeline. We believe our track record speaks for itself: high-quality buildings that improve the lives of those who live or work within them.

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